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Bee You in the Community

Let us all play our part in creating a safe space to be our most successful selves!

Bee You Music Therapy is an inclusive, anti-hate service that is ever-aware of the inherent and systemic disadvantages that immigrants, lower SES communities, LGBTQIA2S+, minority, neuro-diverse, and intersectional identities face when it comes to accessing and affording quality mental health and rehabilitative services. To help counter these struggles, I offer contracted services that are brought to you/ your facility or made available through online platforms such as Zoom and through collaborations with various non-profits and Pop-Ups of my own volition (via Eventbrite). This includes providing the instruments needed for sessions and various ways to accommodate needs. If you are interested in receiving my services but are unsure of how to afford or access them, get in touch for more information! 

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Here are some communities I've had the privilege to work with so far!


I travel throughout most of the bay, but you can find me mainly in:

San Francisco

I'm only a buzz away!


Email me here:

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