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Group Sessions 

Group sessions involve multiple clients, the music therapist, and sometimes the staff. No formal assessment is done with groups, but an intake will be completed to better tailor sessions to the needs of the group.  Small Groups are between 2 to 12 individuals. Large Groups are12 or more individuals.


What's the Cost?

$170.00 USD Per Session and up.

Sessions are rated at $170.00 per individual session. This is for a number of reasons: educational training, convenience of services being brought to you, and provision of instruments and relevant materials. $170 is the rate for a small group.

Why is it more for a group larger than 12?

In addition to more resources being used and transported, research suggests that a group up to 12 individuals is the most optimal participant size. Any larger and it becomes difficult to allocate focus on therapeutic needs for the collective group.

Where Do You Take Clients?

Throughout All of The Bay Area, California

I currently provide virtual sessions to folks within all counties across the Bay Area, California.

But more commonly, I facilitate in-in-person groups in the following counties:

San Francisco, San Mateo, Contra-Costa, Alameda.

How Long Are Sessions?

50 minutes per session

A music therapy session runs 50 minutes in length. This time includes set-up and take-down of materials, and the remaining ten minutes not included is allocated for consultation and documentation.

Sessions can be offered at longer durations in increments of 10 minutes and will be prorated based on the increment of itme added.

This is not Music Entertainment/ A Music Performance.

One of the most distinct differences between music therapy groups is that there likely is some element of group and individual engagement to help create therapeutic benefit. Sometimes a music therapist may use receptive or passive interventions, but that isn't always the case and is dependent upon what is being worked on.

If you have any other questions - contact me!

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