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Seminars are a great way to introduce staff and students of all ages and walks of life. Seminars always include interactive interventions and can share general information about Music Therapy or be tailored to highlight how Music Therapy could benefit the populations you encounter on a day to day basis.


What's The Cost?

$200.00 USD

This price is for in-person or virtual seminars. There is no minimum amount of individuals required to schedule a seminar, and needed materials such as instruments and papers are included.

Do I Need To Know Anything About Music Beforehand?


Music Therapy and what can be learned about music therapy in a seminar doesn't require any skill or music know-how. 

Can You Do Employee Sessions?


If by Employee Sessions you mean music therapy sessions FOR employees and staff - that would be considered a group session. Depending on the size, it may be more cost effective to look under the Group Sessions page.

How Long Are Seminars?

Usually between 50 - 90 minutes.

Most seminars requested of me have ranged from 50 to 90 minutes. They can be longer, but will have a slightly higher cost. 

My Colleagues And I Already Do Music Therapy In Our Facility/Job.

Are you sure? There's a difference between Music Therapy and Music Activities.

Music Therapy is an evidence-based practice that is done my a licensed/credentialed professional who has completed an approved MT program. In the state of California, one cannot legally call themselves a "Board Certified Music Therapist" or their work Music Therapy without the certification. 

There's a chance that what you are doing IS beneficial, but may not technically be "Music Therapy" as a result. It doesn't hurt to learn more about what Music Therapy can bring to the table in addition to what you're already doing! :)

Are These CEU Eligible?


The seminars provided are for general information and to inform participants of how to better incorporate music into their work day/ life. However, these unfortunately do not count towards CEUs. 

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