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You Ask - I Answer

What is music therapy?

Music Therapy is a type of rehabilitative service that uses clinical and evidence-based music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship. Music therapy is facilitated by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program.  You can find more information about this on the American Music Therapy Association website,

What ISNT music therapy?

Music Therapy is not:

  • solely entertainment, 

  • just listening to music on spotify or an ipod/ cd player

  • the same as music teaching

  • volunteer(s) playing at a hospital or facility

the above are great examples of therapeutic music experiences but are not considered clinical music therapy.

Do you have to know how to play an instrument/ be able to sing to participate in music therapy?

No! Music therapy is for anyone no matter if you have a music background or not! :)  Come as you are.

Do you provide private lessons?

Bee You Music therapy currently offers adaptive music lessons for individuals requesting that service.

How long does each therapy session take?

For individual sessions, a minimum of 30 minutes is recommended for the most therapeutic benefit. 

For groups, a minimum time frame of 50 minutes is offered. 

Which populations do you work with?

I work with individuals managing symptoms related to mood and psychotic disorders including Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities including autism, Aspergers, down syndrome, and individuals with dementia/alzheimers.

Why Community Based Music Therapy?

Community Music Therapy actively takes into consideration the cultural, institutional, and societal context that impacts an individual. 

Research supports the idea that the aforementioned factors can impact a person's mental and physical well-being. By working within this approach, intercultural competency becomes the gold standard and promotes a higher quality of care for the communities served in the US. 

How is Bee You Music Therapy striving to make music therapy sessions more accessible?

Accessibility is currently centered around bringing the services to those interested instead of having prospective participants come to the therapist. 

Bee You Music Therapy also has the capacity to offer virtual sessions using accessible online platforms, will drive to facilities and make in-home visits, provide instruments needed for sessions, and host pop-up sessions in community-accessible locations. 

Financially, a sliding scale is being offered for those who cannot afford standard rates, and free pop-up sessions are being offered both in-person and virtually. 


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