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In Person Individual Sessions 

Individual or 1:1 sessions involve the client, music therapist, and sometimes the caregiver/parent/legal guardian. If this is their first time working with me, they will need to complete an assessment and intake to determine if music therapy is right for them, and will have goals to work toward. Sessions usually run a duration of 12 weeks before re-evaluation of services, but can continue for longer if indicated. 



What's the Cost?

$140.00 USD Per Session

Sessions are rated at $140.00 per individual session. This is for a number of reasons: educational training, convenience of services being brought to you, and provision of instruments and relevant materials.

Are You Covered By Insurance?

Generally no. 

If covered by your insurance, I would be considered Out of Network.


In some cases, music therapy can be covered through a Medically Necessary referral from your Primary Care Physician, but in general, most insurances do not cover music therapy. 

Please talk to your insurance company for a more thorough answer.

Where Do You Travel?

Throughout The Bay Area, California

I currently provide In-Person sessions to folks within the following counties: 

San Francisco, San Mateo, Contra Costa and Alameda.

How Long Are Sessions?

50 minutes per session

A music therapy session runs 50 minutes in length. This time includes set-up and take-down of materials, and the remaining ten minutes not included is allocated for consultation and documentation.

Are You Covered Through Regional Centers?

Yes - Through The Self Determination Program

For those who receive funding through a Regional Center (ran by the Department of Developmental Services) my services can be covered through their Self-Determination Program. 

If you have any other questions - contact me!

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