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  • Starts at $200 USD

  • Virtual or In-Person

  • 50 - 90 Minutes in duration

  • Geared towards learning/educating about music therapy and its benefits

  • No minimum/maximum number of participants required

  • Provision of instruments and relevant materials are included


Do I need to know anything about music beforehand?

Nope! Participating in a music therapy seminar doesn't require any skill or music know-how.

Can you do music therapy sessions for my employees?

Yes, but remember - seminars are better suited for informing employees about the work music therapists can contribute to their team/facility, as well as educate others about the current practices we utilize. 

If you are seeking sessions FOR staff/employees, looking into individual or group sessions may be more cost effective for your needs.

We already do music therapy in our facility, do we need a music therapist?

There's a difference between music therapy and using music as an activity! 

Music therapy is evidence-based and facilitated by a licensed/credentialed music therapist who has completed an approved music therapy program. In the state of California, one cannot legally call themselves a "board-certified music therapist" or consider their work as "Music Therapy" without certification.

Are these CEU eligible? 

Not at this time! 

The seminars provided are for general information and to inform participants of how to better incorporate music into their work day/ life.

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